How do I get started?


To start, create a user account and then begin browsing our different photo categories. When something catches your eye, like it! You can organize your liked photos in different albums within your account. Then, simply refer back to the albums when you’re ready to purchase.

What kinds of membership do you offer?


We offer packages of 10, 20, and 50 photographs. Each membership offers different perks to suit your needs and can be selected in monthly or annual installments.

What payment options are available?


We accept Stripe and PayPal to easily and confidently make your payments.

In which resolution are image files available?


We offer web images in 72 DPI, with the option of selecting a larger version at 300 DPI.

How do I keep track of my liked pics?


Within your user account is the option to create different albums where you can keep your liked photos organized. 

Can I purchase photograph bundles?


We offer bundles in the amounts of 10, 20 or 50 photographs.

How much are photos?


Our photo prices vary depending on the intended use, length of use, and size. We offer single-photo purchases as well as monthly and yearly packages.

Where can I see all of my downloads?


All purchases will be sent to you via email. They can also be viewed within your profile under the Downloads tab.

What are my rights with the imagery?


Depending on your needs, you can select from license periods of 6 months and 1-3 years. We also offer lifetime ownership.

Where can I use the content that I purchase?


Stock photos are helpful wherever visuals make an impact. Ideas include your web pages, blogs, print material (like brochures, flyers, etc.), social media, POP materials, and more!


How do I apply to Stock That Rocks?


To apply to STR, create a user account and navigate to the Collaborations tab. Here you can categorize your work into albums and submit your content for approval.

How much will I get paid?


We offer a 40% commission to our Contributors. You receive this commission for every piece that sells.

Where do I see my earnings?


Earnings can be viewed within your user account under the Earnings tab.

When do I get paid?


Payments are sent out on a monthly basis. You can view your Payment History (as well as future payments) in your user account under the Earnings tab.

What are you looking for?


We look for original content that matches the STR look. Refer to our Visual Guidelines section for more details. (Confirm info)

What are the technical requirements of the content?


Photo submissions must be a JPEG format, with a minimum of 2500x2500 pixels. All logos and trademarks must be removed.

- JPEG Format
- Minimum 2500x2500 pixels
- 1 MB in size
- 300 DPI
- No logos or trademarks

Videos must meet the following requirements

- MOV, MP4, MPEG, MKV, or WEBM file format
- Minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080
- Footage shouldn’t have watermarks or branding elements
- Avoid unclear videos
- While sound may be included in uploads, videos with added music may not be published due to copyright concerns

*In some cases, photos/videos may be removed due to the unsuitable content.

Can I share my photographs with persons outside of the STR community?


Once you become a Contributor, you will receive a personal link that will send people directly to your profile and photos. Share it everywhere!

What is the process after I submit my work?


Submitted content enters an approval process where we carefully review your submissions. Once accepted, your work will appear for sale throughout our website.

For any work that is not accepted, you will receive feedback on how to improve it, at which point you can update and resubmit it for approval.

What is Stock that Rocks’ Exclusivity Policy?


STR’s content is 100% exclusive. You are free to work with other agencies, but anything submitted to STR can not be submitted elsewhere.